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Your HVAC system is one of the most important parts of your business. See how it feels without air conditioning on a hot day or without heating on a cold day, and you’ll immediately feel the difference. Even more so, your customers and employees will make sure that you know how they feel. Unfortunately, even the best systems will eventually need repairs, so when you don’t hear your system turn on, or it’s only producing air that’s the same temperature as the room around you, you need to know who to call.

The obvious solution is to call a professional for assistance, but how can you tell the difference between HVAC contractors in Sonoma County? What qualities distinguish them from each other, and how do you know that they’re competent? While you might not feel that you can tell the difference, by the end of this article, you’ll know precisely what signs to look out for to confirm that they are the right company for you and that they know what they’re doing.

The Qualities That Distinguish HVAC Contractors in Sonoma County

repairman inspecting HVAC systemWhen you speak to different contractors, you may find some that display some qualities listed here, but not others. Ultimately, you want to find a contractor that makes you feel comfortable. During your search, stay alert for these qualities, as they are most often associated with trustworthy contractors:

  • They have a long list of references, and when you ask for someone to speak to who can vouch for their quality, they immediately provide several contacts. Ideally, these contacts are from different industries, which shows that the contractor knows how to work with different kinds of people. Additionally, these references should be longstanding, so you know that the contractor can maintain a relationship and is true to their word.
  • They have positive reviews from numerous sources. Anyone can say that they’ve done a lot of good work, but it takes many satisfied people to confirm this fact on Yelp or Google reviews independently. Take the time to look at their website and independent ratings to see how they stack up and what kind of complaints people might have for them. While even the best HVAC contractors in Sonoma County can get a poor review from time to time, a consistent pattern of negative reviews is a serious red flag.

Don’t forget to take the time to communicate with the contractor before giving them the job. There’s a lot that you can pick up by spending time in the same room with them or at least speaking on the phone. If you’re uncomfortable with how they talk to you, that may be your subconscious telling you that you should look for someone else.

Identifying Competence in a Contractor

Sometimes, a new contractor won’t have a long track record of success with past clients because they’ve recently moved to the area or completed their apprenticeship with another contractor. They still might have what it takes to do the job well, so you should also stay alert for several other signs of a good contractor: 

  • They can answer detailed questions that you have regarding how they would approach the work. Experienced professionals never forget how they overcome problems, so you can inquire after the most challenging jobs that they’ve had to complete. If they hedge or give you empty answers, they might be pretending to have more experience than they truly do. If they can provide details, locations, or dates, then you’re likely dealing with someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry.
  • They will give you bad news upfront and without trying to hide it. Whether they think the job will take a long time or be very expensive, they must tell you this information as soon as possible. If you want to make educated decisions, you need to ensure that your contractor is someone who will be honest with you even when it’s news that you don’t want to hear.

See if your contractor will give you a complimentary quote so that you can make an informed decision. Such quotes are essential for knowing how much money you will spend and how long the repair will take. If your contractor isn’t willing to let you know an estimate beforehand, then you may want to keep looking.

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Where to Find the Best HVAC Contractors in Sonoma County

Now that you know the ways that you can distinguish between contractors and determine which ones can live up to your expectations, the only thing left to do is track down HVAC contractors in Sonoma County. While people used to start with the Yellow Pages, today you can simply talk to your friends to see who they’ve had good experiences with, visit the CA state government’s website, or turn to Google. Most people get great leads from searching online, and if you can tell the good from the bad, then you’re sure to find a quality contractor that way. If you like the results you receive, then you can start a working relationship with them and have someone on hand any time your system needs some mechanical attention.