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The best air conditioner is the one that runs reliably. When you can simply dial in your preferred temperature at the thermostat, listen to the quiet whoosh of air through your vents, and sit back to enjoy cool comfort, there’s nothing to worry you. However, though you may not know it yet, there could be conditions at work inside your HVAC hardware that may necessitate a visit from a specialist soon.  Do you know when you should call for a licensed professional in Sonoma for an air conditioning repair? 

While you may not think you need one right away, that may not be the case today — or tomorrow, for that matter. Consider the signs that say it’s time to call the pros. 


It’s Been a While Since Your Unit Received Maintenance

With more than 100 million air conditioning units in homes across the United States, it’s no wonder we tend to take them for granted. Consider that they are also in practically every place of business, and we’re used to having cool air on demand wherever we go. For some, that means never thinking about calling an HVAC specialist; why would you need to, as long as things keep working?

That line of thinking puts you on the fast track towards calling for help in Sonoma with an air conditioning repair. Like all machines, ACs need regular maintenance to continue working in peak condition. You should always look to have periodic servicing performed at least once every year to keep your unit in good health.


Your System Runs All The Time But Never Cools the Air

When the summer arrives, and temperatures stay high all day long, does it feel like your house never gets cooler? Meanwhile, your energy bills skyrocket — but you don’t have anything to show for the expense. What’s the problem? Answering that question is the role of the HVAC specialist. It could be that your system is too old and cannot adequately cool the space anymore. Perhaps there is a refrigerant leak, and your system is not cooling at all. In other cases, your unit may be sized inappropriately, which is why it can only cool when temperatures are not extreme.


You Have a Unique Commercial HVAC Setup

Business owners should take special care to keep a trusted HVAC specialist in their contact list. If the air conditioning were to go out, think of the trouble it would create for you, your staff, and even potentially your customers. For those who run a commercial package HVAC setup, or otherwise have a heavy-duty system, you should cultivate a contact you can trust. Not only is routine maintenance necessary, but you never know when something unique to your system may need attention. Only a proven HVAC specialist can provide the experienced, manufacturer-specific insights you require. 


Your System Has Suffered Noticeable Damage

Although rare, your air conditioning equipment can suffer from actual physical damage. For example, if you live in an area prone to severe thunderstorms, a broken tree branch might fall on your outdoor unit, rendering the AC inoperative because it cannot cool without the compressor unit. If you have a pest infestation, whether it’s rats or raccoons, your home could suffer damage to its ducting, AC lines, and insulation. If you feel your home is at risk from either of these factors, you may want to discuss mitigation strategies with an air conditioning pro. Prevention, after all, is always much easier and cheaper than a solution later.


Your Air Conditioner is More Than Ten Years Old

Everything wears out eventually, and even the most well-maintained air conditioning unit will ultimately lose its maximum cooling capabilities. If your unit is more than a decade old, there is a higher chance you will need to contact a repair specialist sooner rather than later. In some cases, you may even find that you’re contacting them a whole lot more than you’d like! More frequent call-outs are usually a sign that it’s time to investigate how to choose a new AC, how to size it properly, and what it takes for a professional to install a new unit. While not all old ACs need replacing right away, you should consider ordering an inspection from a repair professional who knows the signs of trouble.


Finding Trustworthy Help in Sonoma For an Air Conditioning Repair 

When you recognize the need to engage a specialist, it’s not always easy to know who to call. As you evaluate your options for help in Sonoma with an air conditioning repair, know the signs to look for in a trustworthy provider. To better understand what a business may offer to you in terms of service, know what questions to ask before you schedule a visit. With the right team on the job and a proven specialist examining your air conditioning equipment, you can return to worry-free operation and round-the-clock cool air.