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If you rely on a boiler to supply your home with warm water and air, do not assume it will function without flaw throughout the year. Boilers can break down just like traditional furnaces and air conditioners. Do yourself a favor by scheduling boiler preventative maintenance for your boiler at least once per year. Keep reading to find out why it is in your best interest to have your boiler examined and adjusted by a professional.

What is Checked and Improved During Boiler Preventative Maintenance

Our mission is to have your boiler operating exactly as it should to reduce the odds of operational failure, repairs and replacement. Let our team perform boiler preventative maintenance on your boiler and we will check an array of components.

Our boiler technician will ensure your boiler’s flues and air vents are not blocked. If there is a blockage, we will clean it out so air can pass through freely. We will check the water to make sure it is at the optimal level so irreparable damage isn’t inflicted on your boiler. If the water level is below the recommended minimum level, we will examine the plumbing and figure out how to remedy faults. Furthermore, we’ll make sure the pilot light is lit, check for leaks, examine parts for damage, determine if lime-scale hampers the boiler’s heating capacity and perform de-scaling. Our boiler gurus will also apply lubrication to the boiler fan, pumps and other parts that move at a high frequency.

Our ultimate goal is to boost the system’s working capacity. We sweat all the “small stuff” during our preventative boiler maintenance process. From clearing dust from boiler parts to flushing the water in order to eliminate grit and dirt, our team minds all those little details that add up to make a big difference.

Avoid Repairs

Let one of our boiler experts take a close look at your boiler and you will obtain a lovely peace of mind. Our boiler aficionados know exactly what to look for when performing an in-depth analysis. Give an experienced technician the chance to pinpoint existing flaws and correct any problems he finds and you’ll likely save a bundle of money in the long run. Such regular maintenance is the key to avoiding those uber-expensive repairs that rear their ugly heads after years of inattention.


Annual boiler preventative maintenance also serves to identify boiler issues that have the potential to cause accidents and jeopardize the safety of those living in your household. Can you imagine trying to live without warm air and hot water for an extended period of time? Such a nightmare scenario has the potential to unfold if you fail to lean on the professionals for preventative boiler maintenance.

Improve Your Boiler’s Efficiency

Give our boiler gurus the opportunity to boost your boiler’s performance and you will enjoy the type of home heating efficiency you deserve. Efficient boilers aren’t forced to operate at a high frequency and consequently, require fewer repairs. A boiler that operates as designed will put you at ease during those brutally cold months. Furthermore, a well-maintained boiler will last much longer than originally anticipated.

Schedule Your Boiler Preventative Maintenance Today

Reach out to us to schedule boiler preventative maintenance and you just might save yourself thousands of dollars in the long run. Boiler preventative maintenance is especially important for homeowners who have not had their boiler inspected within the past year. Even if our team doesn’t find major cause for concern, we’ll pinpoint potential points of weakness, make important adjustments that boost your boiler’s efficiency and ultimately provide you with an invaluable peace of mind.  Contact us for more information.