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Your boiler is no different to any other type of machine and every machine requires repairs from time to time.  There are a number of unique factors that affect boiler repair costs. Let’s take a look at the most common factors to help you better understand your home’s boiler and the importance of regular preventative maintenance.

Boiler Type Plays a Significant Role in Boiler Repair Costs

Boiler repair costs differ by the model and style of boiler. Contemporary “A-Grade” boilers are reliable and quite effective. This type of boiler rarely breaks down and will require few repairs in the short-term. However, a boiler is a complicated piece of machinery that requires specialized components which sometimes cost a pretty penny.

Older model boilers tend to break more often, resulting in higher costs over time. However, older boilers sometimes cost less to repair as the newer varieties that require modern day, high-efficiency parts that are often quite costly. Yet if the boiler repairman has to pay a premium for your aged boiler’s broken part due to its scarcity, the cost of the job could significantly increase.

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Age Impacts Boiler Repair Costs

Some boilers simply stop working due to age. If your building’s boiler has “exploded old”, it will break up quite frequently and result in considerable repair costs. Consult with a furnace repair expert to determine if it is financially prudent to replace the boiler rather than perform repairs over and over again in an attempt to extend its lifespan.

Type of Service

A boiler service call and a boiler check are two completely different jobs.  A full service call will provide comprehensive results and consequently cost more than a simple boiler check.  If your boiler is experiencing any type of problem and you need more than a general inspection, opt for a thorough servicing and repair.  It is absolutely worth the extra money.

Your Location Impacts Boiler Repair Costs

Most people are quite surprised to find out that their home or business location really makes an impact on boiler repair costs. People who live or work in big cities are typically located close to furnace repair experts. However, those who live in such populous urban centers are sometimes charged a comparatively high rate simply due to the fact that the area’s cost of living is exorbitant. The “sweet spot” for low-cost repairs is usually found in the suburbs or outskirts of urban centers.

Time of Year

If your boiler malfunctions in the dead of winter, you might be charged more for a repair. This is due to the fact that boiler repair demand is exorbitantly high during the winter months. Many boiler repair experts will decrease their rates as the weather warms and demand drops.

A “DIY” Do It Yourself Repair is not Advised

Do not make the mistake of attempting to fix your building’s boiler on your own! A boiler is a highly complicated piece of machinery that requires the attention of a skilled expert. Lean on a trained professional and you won’t have to worry about making the problem any worse than it already is. His extensive knowledge base will certainly help to minimize your boiler repair costs. You can also decrease boiler repair costs over time by conducting a yearly inspection and servicing of the boiler. This preventative action just might prevent an uber-expensive repair from popping up in the middle of the winter. Contact us for more boiler information.