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Most people believe that boiler service is a waste of money. In a study carried out in 2013, it stated that approximately 1 in 10 households have never gotten their boiler serviced. But, did you know that if you do not get it serviced, you could end up with a boiler that is unreliable, and in the long run, expensive to run?

Technician servicing the gas boiler for hot water and heating

If you need some convincing, read the following facts on why it is important to get it checked by a professional:

Safety comes First

When your boiler system is not working as it should, it emits toxic carbon monoxide fumes. Since it is impossible to smell, see, or taste these fumes, by the time you realise that your boiler is producing dangerous gas, it will already be too late.

For this reason, it is important to call the nearest boiler service centre to take a look at your boiler system. During the boiler service, the repairman will check the boiler for any leaks and spotting. If there is any dangerous leak, he will fix it immediately to avoid it from becoming a huge problem.

Efficiency is the Key

As the boiler gets older and clogged with debris, its efficiency diminishes.The repair man will clean out the boiler system, services all of its parts, and replaces any broken parts or components. Once all of the aforementioned is completed, your boiler will work more efficiently. This can help in cutting down your heating bills.

Your Boiler needs to be Reliable at All Times!

Like any mechanical device, the boiler is subject to wear and tear as days go by. When it is being used at full capacity during winter, there is certainly more strain being placed on all the parts of the boiler. Due to that, it is most likely that it will breakdown during the cold season. When it breaks down, it leaves you and your family in the cold.

Hence, what is the best thing to do to avoid that from happening? You will need to call the best boiler service repairman to check your boiler system, preferably before the winter season begins. A qualified boiler service repairman can help prevent any breakdown and make sure that your boiler works in tip-top condition! Don’t hesitate contact Valley Comfort Heating and Air as our professional team is here to service any type of boiler repair.