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When the temperature dips and keeps on going past “sweater weather” down into the area where you need to start thinking about layers, keeping your home comfortable starts to become a concern, too. Sure, you can always rely on your furnace to pump out all the heat you could ever need without a care in the world for what it costs — but that’s not the reality in which most people live. Instead, controlling your Santa Rosa heating costs can be essential for maintaining your budget and avoiding costly overruns.

That doesn’t mean you have to go entirely without heat, however. Instead, you can take some proactive steps to help ensure your heating costs remain reasonable this year. Here’s what you should know.

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Adjust Your Thermostat Preference by a Few Degrees

Most people know exactly where they like to set the thermostat in the winter, but chances are you could modify your preference without a noticeable impact at all. Adjusting your thermostat can allow you to save approximately 3% for each degree of temperature difference. In other words, moving your thermostat setting by just 3 degrees can yield nearly a 10% savings in your monthly heating bill. Will you really notice such a small difference in temperature? Probably not — and that means you can stay comfortable while saving money. Using this saving tip is the easiest way to save.

Let the Sunlight in During the Day

When the skies aren’t a characteristic winter gray, take advantage of what the sun offers to your home. Keep blinds pulled up and curtains tied back for the windows in your home that receive the most direct sunlight throughout the day. The more light that streams into the space, the more it will naturally heat your home. There are even many ways you can make your home a more efficient solar warmth collector. When the sun goes down, it takes time for that heat to dissipate, allowing you to go longer without running your furnace. At the very least, it can help you to adjust your thermostat further.

Ensure Your Santa Rosa Home’s Heating Isn’t Escaping Outside

A leaky home is one of the biggest culprits of high energy costs. After you pay to warm the air up, you shouldn’t have to pay for even more after the rest leaks out through a poorly insulated home. Investigate the weather stripping around your windows and doors and replace or modify it as necessary to create as close to an airtight seal within your home as possible. In some cases, new insulation — especially in attic spaces — is the right move. Whatever you do, find a way to keep that warm air where it belongs.

Change Your Filter Every Month

A furnace that must struggle to operate normally will use more power as a matter of course. In other words, if you don’t keep your unit clean, you can expect to pay more every month. Just like with your air conditioner, changing your furnace’s filter every month is vitally important. It ensures that a clean, dust-free air flow can be achieved within the unit while also preventing the system from taxing itself trying to work through a dirty filter. Make a note and consider buying multiples of your unit’s filter so that changing it is never an issue.

Heat Only the Rooms You’ll Use Regularly

Why pay to heat the whole house when there are rooms you might not spend much time in at all? Close the vents to these rooms to redirect heat to other spaces. With more hot air flowing to them, you may even be able to move your thermostat down further still. Meanwhile, consider using space heaters in rooms you only occupy for small periods during the winter. HVAC professionals in Santa Rosa with heating system skills may also be able to help you re-balance your setup for more effective winter use.

Regular Furnace Servicing Keeps Efficiency Up

Does your furnace need a tune-up? If it looks like your costs are on the rise, it’s possible that’s exactly what you’ll need to order. Either way, you should be requesting annual service for your furnace in the first place. Allowing a professional the opportunity to examine your unit can fix issues before they develop into real problems, which also keeping the furnace running in peak condition. That equals better efficiency, which translates to lower costs. Every homeowner should know who to call for assistance with furnace issues.

By using these tips and tricks, just about every homeowner can find a way to save some money on their heating bills this winter. Instead of anxiously fiddling with the thermostat every few hours, relax and enjoy the comfort of your home knowing that you’re getting the best deal possible. As part of your efforts, you may find you need to contact a professional for help in Santa Rosa with the heating systems in your home. Whether you’re following the suggestions above about regular service or you suspect you may need repairs to achieve maximum efficiency, choosing a reputable provider of HVAC service is essential. Look for experience, reliability, and accessibility in a professional partner and set the stage for savings this season.